Say Hello to Good Brew

It’s the summer of 2020, the world is being pulled left, right and centre, and nobody really knows whether this is the weirdest apocalypse film ever or the beginning of life as we know it. So, who thought now would be a good time to launch a coffee business? In truth, it’s the perfect time. The one constant we’ve all had during lockdown, and after transitioning from the office to the kitchen table, is reaching for our go-to daily brew. We launched Good Brew to get great coffee into the hands of people who love it and to give our subscribers the opportunity to dabble in something a little different without needing to leave the house. 

So, allow us to introduce ourselves...

Good Brew subscription box on doorstep

What is Good Brew?

We create monthly subscription boxes filled with handpicked barista-quality coffee from independent roasters across the UK and Ireland, and conveniently deliver it to your door. We’re here to put in the mileage so you can discover and experiment with new coffees every month.

How does it work?

Each month we’ll send you two bags of freshly roasted specialty coffee (which is enough for about 32 brews). Each box is personalised to how you prefer your coffee. You can select a roast suited to your favourite brewing method (e.g. Espresso machine, Plunger, Chemex or AeroPress etc.) and choose how you like your beans; whole bean or ground. 

Managing your monthly subscription is super easy, you can amend, pause or cancel at any time before your order has been dispatched. You simply pay for your first month’s subscription on the day you place your order, and then for each Good Brew Box thereafter, we’ll automatically take payment on/around that same day each month. 

How will a Good Brew Subscription make my coffee better?

Coffee comes in all shapes and sizes — whether it’s filling up a cup of George Clooney from a pod or grabbing that iconic green and white cup with extra foam, double hot, extra whip — we all have our preferences. We’re not here to judge. As coffee lovers ourselves, we want to help you get the best tasting coffee possible at home, brewed the way you like, and sourced from the best the UK and Ireland has to offer. We’ll also be sharing tips and insights from our roasting partners each month, meaning you can up your coffee game with every box.

Who the hell is Joe Whistle?

Joe is our Chief Coffee Connoisseur. This little fella will be taking our subscribers on a journey to discover the most delicious and exciting coffee from across the UK and Ireland. Keep your eyes peeled for Joe starring on some official Good Brew merch very soon…
Good Brew Joe Whistle illustration