Meet the Roaster: Bailies Coffee Roasters

Belfast, Northern Ireland.

Bailies Coffee Roasters are known for their distinctive packaging, beautiful gradients, bold patterns and crafted designs but behind the bag are beans that hold their own on the international scene. 

Roasting from the heart of Belfast, Northern Ireland, Bailies has been in the game for more than 20 years. During that time they have been instrumental in helping to expand the independent coffee community in Northern Ireland, and are not only producing some of the best speciality coffee in Northern Ireland but also across the UK and Europe. 

As a roaster their drive is simple, to create world-class coffee experiences that honour the skilled labour of their farming partners across the globe. For Bailies, their farming partners are an integral part of the process and in most cases, the roast profiles they create remain true to the wishes of their farming partners. Bailies regularly travel to the world’s finest coffee destinations. The pictures you can see are from their latest trip to Columbia.

Featured Blend in September's Good Brew Box: 

About This Coffee

This is a real crowd-pleaser. An easy-drinking versatile blend. Roasted to an espresso profile but the Nota is by no means confined to the Espresso Machine. You can drink the Nota pretty much any way you like, which is why we’ve featured the Nota in both our Espresso and Filter Good Brew Boxes this month. It’s great on its own in a shot – quite sweet and full but without bitterness, and balances perfectly with milk for a classic rich brew.

Brew Method

Suitable for both espresso or traditional filter brewing. Enjoy with or without milk.

Tasting Notes

Peanut, chocolate & caramel.


Brazil, Guatemala, Ethiopia.

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