Meet the Roaster: Clifton Coffee Roasters

Clifton, Bristol.

From our very first cupping session with Clifton Coffee, we were blown away by just how great their entire range tastes. Their coffee represents a wide range of delicious flavours from fruity to more traditional flavours.

Roasting from the city of Bristol, Clifton Coffee Roasters has been around almost 20 years and produces some of the finest speciality coffee in the UK. 

They were originally set up to service espresso machinery for various independent businesses in Bristol. In 2013, they embarked upon their coffee journey for their own interest as much as their customers, delivering coffee quality and education to drive the industry forward. 

Fast forward to 2020 and they're award-winning roasters with 95% of their volume bought directly from origin. Clifton works closely with co-operatives, private exporters, NGOs and Indigenous Rights Groups to ensure they sell ethical coffee, free from exploitation and truly traceable. 

They've come a long way, now at the forefront of the UK speciality coffee scene supplying not only independent roasters but also Michelin-starred restaurants and 5-star hotels across the UK.

Clifton Coffee Roasters OriginClifton Coffee Roasters OriginClifton Coffee Roasters BagClifton Coffee Roasting

Clifton Coffee Roasters Origin

Clifton Coffee Roasters bag

Featured in October's Good Brew Box: 
EQ v.19 Seasonal Espresso Blend

As the name suggests, EQ V.19 is Clifton’s 19th instalment of this stand-out seasonal espresso blend. Roasted to a darker espresso profile, this blend is by no means confined to the espresso machine. You can drink EQ V.19 pretty much any way you like, which is why we’ve featured it in both our espresso and filter Good Brew Boxes this month.

Brew Method
Best suited for espresso but also works great as a filter. Works well with or without milk.

Tasting Notes
Grapefruit, dried current and dark chocolate.

Natural and Washed.

30% Brazil – Sao Sebastio (Natural)
40% DR Congo – Coopade (Washed)
30% Colombia – Pasto Blend (Washed)

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Featured in December's Good Brew Box: 
Panama, Rocky Mountain

We are beyond excited to bring you this stand-out single origin from Rocosa Montana which translates directly as the Rocky Mountain and is located in Santa Clara, Panama. We’ve been blown away by the complexity found in this coffee, with flavours of plum, dried mango and guava - this is a fan favourite and one not to be missed!

Brew Method
Suitable for both espresso or traditional filter brewing. Enjoy with or without milk.

Tasting Notes
Plum, dried mango, guava

Anaerobic Natural

Santa Clara, Panama

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