Meet the Roaster: Caravan Coffee Roasters

Islington, London.

As long term fans of Caravan Coffee Roasters, featuring them in the Good Brew Box was an easy decision, but choosing which of our favourite blends to include? Not so much.

The team at Caravan are constantly challenging and raising the standards of the UK coffee scene  not just through their stand-out cafés and restaurants  but also by sourcing and roasting some of the best coffee around.

Based at Lamb Works, a repurposed Victorian warehouse in Islington, their site houses an eco-friendly Loring Smart Roaster, quality control lab, coffee school, bakery, drinks lab, events space and head offices for both the restaurant and roasting businesses.

Caravan Coffee Roasters Islington Roasters

Caravan Coffee Roasters Islington Bagging

Sourcing green coffee from single farms and specialty estates as far as Ethiopia, Colombia and Rwanda (just to name a few) their focus is quality, provenance, sustainability, freshness and fair relationships with the growers. When they find a coffee they love, they take the time to enhance the roast profile to bring out the best flavour characteristics. This is why they constantly develop their seasonal espresso blends and single origin offers, keeping in line with the best crops from each season.

Caravan Coffee Roasters Origin

Caravan Coffee Roasters Origin

Caravan Coffee Roasters Origin

Featured in October's Good Brew Box: 
Special Brü & The Daily

About Special Brü

Caravan’s Special Brü celebrates two countries that play a large and well-deserved role in influencing today's coffee industry: Colombia and Ethiopia. Caravan’s goal is to showcase the care, craft and hard work of their coffee producers whether this be the individual farmer, washing station or cooperative. The Special Brü as the name suggests… is pretty special.

Brew Method
Best suited for traditional pour-over methods and plungers. Works well with or without milk.

Tasting Notes
Red plum, lemon candy and honey roasted nuts.

Colombia and Ethiopia. 

Caravan Coffee Roasters The Daily

About The Daily

The Daily is Caravan’s signature espresso blend and with flavours of dark chocolate, brown sugar and praline. They've been refining this blend over the years and each batch of coffee is rigorously tested by Caravan’s roasters, buyers and quality control team to ensure consistency and quality is never sacrificed.

Brew Method
Best suited for espresso but also works well as a filter. Works well with or without milk.

Tasting Notes
Dark chocolate, nutmeg and caramelised plum.

Guatemala, Kenya, Indonesia.


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