Suke Quto by Bonanza Coffee Roasters — Espresso

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Origin - Guji, Ethiopia
Tasting notes - Pomelo, Nectarine and Black Tea
Weight - 250g
Process - Washed
Variety - Kurume and Welicho 
Roast type - Suitable for both espresso and filter brewing. Enjoy with or without milk.

About this coffee

Suke Quto is a delicious washed coffee from the Guji zone in Ethiopia. Packed full of floral and citrus flavours, this is the fourth year that Bonanza has offered this coffee. The Suke Quto washing station and its owner Tesfaye Bekele are the pioneers of specialty coffee production in the Guji area of Ethiopia, and one of the reasons the Guji zone has become such a well renowned region for coffee production. The washing station now supports over 171 out-growers as well as on-site farmers.

Our Roasting Partner, Bonanza Coffee Roasters

Roasting out of Berlin, Bonanza Coffee Roasters are all class. From the producers they work with and the coffee they select, to the spaces they inhabit and their minimalistic approach to packaging - every detail is expertly considered. We’re stoked to be partnering with Bonanza this month to bring you two delicious single origins from Guji, Ethiopia.