Lost Highway by Dark Arts Coffee — Espresso

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Origin - Guerrero, Mexico
Tasting notes - Chocolate, marzipan, cherry and bramble
Weight - 250g
Process - Natural
Roast type - Espresso

About this coffee

This natural process blend by Dark Arts marries chocolatey textures with notes of sweet marzipan, cherry, and bramble. Cultivated by the Me’phaa producers in the secluded Montaña Alta de Guerrero region of Mexico, these wild coffee trees are an art in themselves, with cherries dried under the sun in local gardens. The Ensambles team’s meticulous sorting and cupping process ensures a premium quality reflective of the regions unique flavours and dedicated craftsmanship.

Our Roasting Partner, Dark Arts Coffee

Since 2014 Dark Arts Coffee has been roasting out of Hackney, London and has become a go-to destination for independent coffee. Known for being unconventional, they offer a unique mix of bold flavours, from classic blends to adventurous single-origins. Their commitment to exceptional coffee and distinctive choices has made them a favourite among those who appreciate quality with an edge.