Good Brew Gift Subscription

How do you brew:
How do you want your beans:

Order on or before 21 September 2021 to receive October's box.

Know someone who needs to seriously up their coffee game, or a fellow at-home barista who loves to discover new coffee? Then a Good Brew subscription is the perfect gift.

What's included:

  • Free delivery
  • 2 x 200-250g (approximately) bags of coffee
  • 1 x brew card with tasting notes
  • Gift subscriptions are charged up-front for the duration selected and are shipped to arrive in the first week of each month 
  • Not sure what coffee to order? No stress, you can amend coffee preferences anytime before the 21st of each month.

If you use an Espresso Machine or Stovetop, select ‘Espresso’ and we’ll hook you up with a blend that is specifically roasted to suit your method.

If you prefer a slower method such as Plunger, AeroPress, Chemex, Dripper etc. then select ‘Filter’ for a traditionally lighter and more delicate blend.

We recommend whole bean as generally, whole beans will stay fresher for longer and give you the flexibility to grind your beans to suit different brewing methods.  

If you have an Espresso Machine, we recommend you grind your own coffee to suit your particular machine. However, we do offer a ground bean option for Espresso, and if you select this option we will do our best to get it right but there are no guarantees as it's a fine balance.

If you select ground coffee for Filter, beans will be ground medium which will be suitable for most at-home brewing methods e.g. Plunger, AeroPress, Chemex, Drippers etc.