Ethiopia Basha Bekele Natural by Skylark — Filter

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Origin - Sidama, Ethiopia
Tasting notes - Pineapple, Red Plum and Syrup
Roast type - Filter
Weight - 250g
Process - Natural

About this coffee

This single origin from the Sidama Region is sweeter and fuller than most Ethiopian naturals. Named after Basha, a small farmer who owns 3 hectares of coffee in Bombe Village, the Basha Bekele is a natural processed coffee meaning that coffee cherries are picked and laid out on raised beds to dry under the sun for around one month. Once the cherries turn from red to brown, the dried outer layer is removed to reveal the green bean. The end result is a clean, sweet and fruity cup.

Our Roasting Partner, Skylark

Roasting out of West Sussex, Skylark was born out of a desire to produce extraordinary coffee whilst helping to repair environmental damage and human exploitation. Skylark pay at least twice the Fair-Trade rate for their coffee and donate £1 per kilo to conservation and empowerment efforts at home and abroad. As far as we’re aware, Skylark is the only UK non-profit producing specialty coffee with all proceeds going to fund Buncton Manor which works with marginalised people across Sussex and projects of the charity, One Church Brighton.

We recommend whole bean as generally, whole beans will stay fresher for longer and give you the flexibility to grind your beans to suit different brewing methods.  

If you have an Espresso Machine, we recommend you grind your own coffee to suit your particular machine. However, we do offer a ground bean option for Espresso, and if you select this option we will do our best to get it right but there are no guarantees as it's a fine balance.

If you select ground coffee for Filter, beans will be ground medium which will be suitable for most at-home brewing methods e.g. Plunger, AeroPress, Chemex, Drippers etc.