Deluxe Blend by Skylark Coffee — Espresso

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Origin - Ethiopia and Colombia
Tasting notes - Neapolitan Ice Cream
Weight - 250g
Process - Natural
Roast type - Espresso 

About this coffee

The Deluxe Blend from Skylark Coffee is a pure indulgence, crafted from Skylark’s two favourite natural coffees – Ethiopia Acacia and Colombia Villamaria. It’s like sipping on a cup of melted Neapolitan Ice Cream, blending the juiciest notes from both origins into a fruit explosion.

Our Roasting Partner, Skylark Coffee

Roasting out of West Sussex, Skylark was born out of a desire to produce extraordinary coffee whilst helping to repair environmental damage and human exploitation. With a deep focus on every step of the supply chain, Skylark’s focus goes beyond roasting outstanding coffee; Skylark pays at least twice the Fair-Trade rate for its coffee and donate £1 per kilo to conservation and empowerment efforts both at home and abroad.