Ethiopia Acacia Natural by Skylark — Filter

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Origin - Guji, Ethiopia
Tasting notes - Red apple, blackberry, marigold
Weight - 250g
Process - Natural
Roast type - Filter

About this coffee

It’s the season for Ethiopian coffees again and this single origin from the Guji region is a wonderful place to start. With notes of red apple, blackberry and marigold, Ethiopia Acacia makes a beautiful pour-over. By choosing this coffee, not only will you enjoy a splendid cup, but you also contribute towards sustainable livelihoods and fair pricing in the coffee production landscape. This natural processed coffee encapsulates the beauty of Ethiopian coffees and underscores Skylark’s dedication to quality and ethical sourcing.

Our Roasting Partner, Skylark Coffee

Roasting out of West Sussex, Skylark was born out of a desire to produce extraordinary coffee whilst helping to repair environmental damage and human exploitation. With a deep focus on every step of the supply chain, Skylark’s focus goes beyond roasting outstanding coffee; Skylark pays at least twice the Fair-Trade rate for its coffee and donate £1 per kilo to conservation and empowerment efforts both at home and abroad.