Aromas del Valle by Round Hill Roastery — Espresso

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Origin - Cutervo, Cajamarca, Peru
Tasting notes - Dark chocolate, cherry, marzipan
Weight - 250g
Roast type - Espresso
Process - Washed

About this coffee

Introducing Aromas del Valle, a unique blend hailing from the district of Cutervo in Cajamarca, Peru. Crafted by dedicated smallholders, this Bourbon, Caturra, and Typica mix showcases the strength of community-driven coffee. With altitudes ranging from 1500 to 2100 masl, the coffee is processed on individual farms, leading to varied fermentation and drying times. In spite of the varied altitudes and processing, each lot must cup above 86 points, ensuring only distinct flavours make the cut. Aromas del Valle is a testament to Peru’s ability to rival the world’s best coffee producing nations.

Our Roasting Partner, Round Hill Roastery

Based in Kelston Round Hill with views over beautiful Somerset, Round Hill are one of our all-time favourite roasters. With over 10 years experience sourcing and roasting coffees from single estate farms, Round Hill has built a business around developing direct relationships with coffee producers. It’s because of these relationships that Round Hill is able to source and roast such consistent and unique coffees.