Rotutu by New Ground

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Origin - Letefoho, East Timor
Tasting notes - Zesty Orange, Toffee and Red Apple
Weight - 250g
Process - Washed
Variety - Timor Hybrid & Typica
Altitude - 1,420 MASL
Roast type - Best suited for filter brewing. Enjoy with or without milk.    

About this coffee

This single origin from Letefoho, East Timor is New Ground’s third time offering a Timorese coffee. Rotutu is fully washed and has been organically grown at an altitude of 1,420 masl. As a filter it starts off light but becomes more complex the more you drink; revealing flavours of orange, toffee and red apple. We don’t often get the opportunity to showcase Timorese coffee so we’re excited to be featuring Rotutu this month and help to put East Timor on the specialty coffee map.

Our Roasting Partner, New Ground

Roasting from the heart of Oxford, New Ground consistently pushes the boundaries, and we’re not just talking about producing the perfect cup. New Ground believe that coffee goes beyond the cup and can be used as a catalyst for change, which is why they are using their business to create work and training opportunities for ex-offenders across the UK, giving some of the most overlooked people in society a new beginning.