Nano Challa by The Barn — Filter

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Origin - Gera, West Oromia, Ethiopia
Tasting notes - Nectarine, vanilla and jasmine
Roast type - Filter
Weight - 250g
Process - Washed
Producer - Nano Challa Cooperative
Altitude - 1900 - 2000 masl

Variety - Mixed Heirloom 

About this coffee

Nestled within expansive stretches of untouched forest in Gera, lies the secret of The Barn’s ‘Nano Challa’. Cultivated by the devoted Nano Challa Cooperative, coffee trees in the region flourish and thanks to the collaborative efforts with the NGO Technoserve, farmers in the Cooperative have been able to elevate the quality of their coffee and receive consistently high premiums. We love this one black to elevate the nectarine and jasmine notes.

Our Roasting Partner, The Barn

Roasting out of Berlin, The Barn has been reshaping coffee culture since 2010. With a footprint spanning coffee shops and home brewers worldwide, The Barn is driven by an uncompromising vision to constantly elevate the coffees it showcases. They focus exclusively on single origins, avoiding blends to ensure each farm’s unique flavour profile stands distinct and to provide full traceability. The Barn has been instrumental in propelling European coffee culture and we’re beyond excited to bring them to the UK this month.

We recommend whole bean as generally, whole beans will stay fresher for longer and give you the flexibility to grind your beans to suit different brewing methods.  

If you have an Espresso Machine, we recommend you grind your own coffee to suit your particular machine. However, we do offer a ground bean option for Espresso, and if you select this option we will do our best to get it right but there are no guarantees as it's a fine balance.

If you select ground coffee for Filter, beans will be ground medium which will be suitable for most at-home brewing methods e.g. Plunger, AeroPress, Chemex, Drippers etc.