Los Volcanes by Un.Common — Espresso

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Origin - Antigua, Guatemala.
Tasting notes - Red Berries, Caramel, Meringue
Weight - 250g
Process - Washed
Variety - Bourbon, Catuai, Caturra, Typica
Altitude - 1200 - 1615 MASL
Producer - Farm and washing station called Los Volcanes
Roast type - Best suited for espresso brewing. Enjoy with or without milk

About this coffee

Los Volcanes gets its name from the farm and washing station where this coffee is produced. After many tests with fertilisers, low yields and poor nutrition levels, Josué Morales who runs Los Volcanes decided to switch to full organic and develop his own natural fertilisers. Since then, his coffee trees have sprung back to life and he’s been able to share these learnings with other farmers in the area. As an espresso, this coffee has a velvety rich texture with good body and low-to-mild acidity making for a well-balanced cup.

Our Roasting Partner, Un.Common

Roasting out of Amsterdam, Un.Common is a roaster who champions the uncommon; regularly switching up its offering by showcasing different origins, innovative processing methods and newly discovered varieties. Un.Common is also very aware of its role in ensuring the sustainability of the supply chain. Every coffee has a unique story and by sharing these stories and taking steps to create more equality,
Un.Common can help to bridge the gap between producers and consumers to bring more understanding and conscious consumption.