Kibirizi by MOK Coffee — Filter

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Origin - Nyamagabe, Rwanda
Tasting notes - Strawberry, Lemon, Milk Chocolate
Roast type - Filter
Weight - 250g
Process - Natural
Variety -  Bourbon

About this coffee

This coffee hails from the Kibirizi Washing Station in Rwanda where over 1,130 farmers deliver cherries from the surrounding areas and the majority of farmers are growing on significantly smaller lots than usual. This collaborative effort is a great example of the region coming together to produce some truly great coffee. Slightly different to most East African coffees, this Rwandan has hints of chocolate more synonymous with Central / South America.

Our Roasting Partner, MOK Coffee

Roasting out of Brussels, Belgium, MOK Coffee is a roaster focused on relationships. Travelling to origin, MOK believe in meeting personally with the farmers they source green coffee from. Building these deep rooted connections with the farmers allows them to generate a deeper understanding of the coffee they are roasting. MOK deliberately roast in small batches of 10 – 15kg at a time, allowing greater control and focus on each batch. It’s this attention to detail that makes MOK stand out, and we’re super excited to be featuring them this month. 

We recommend whole bean as generally, whole beans will stay fresher for longer and give you the flexibility to grind your beans to suit different brewing methods.  

If you have an Espresso Machine, we recommend you grind your own coffee to suit your particular machine. However, we do offer a ground bean option for Espresso, and if you select this option we will do our best to get it right but there are no guarantees as it's a fine balance.

If you select ground coffee for Filter, beans will be ground medium which will be suitable for most at-home brewing methods e.g. Plunger, AeroPress, Chemex, Drippers etc.