Gildardo Lopez by Cartwheel — Filter

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Origin - Huila, Colombia
Tasting notes - Stone Fruit, Blood Orange, Brown Sugar
Roast type - Filter
Weight - 250g
Process - Washed
Variety - Pink Bourbon

About this coffee

Gildardo Lopez gets its name from the producer of this coffee, Gildardo Lopez Hoyos, who runs the farm with his wife and four children. Grown at an incredibly high altitude of 2000m above sea level, this delicious coffee endures a much slower drying process due to the colder temperatures at this type of elevation; in our opinion it’s well worth the wait. You should be able to taste hints of stone fruit, blood orange and a brown sugar sweetness in the cup.

Our Roasting Partner, Cartwheel

Cartwheel is an independent coffee roastery and has a number of cafes in Nottingham, England. With a focus on traceable, high quality coffee, Cartwheel is focused on extracting and preserving the flavours that are unique to each farm. This ethos extends to its naming process, naming each coffee it sells after the producer in honour of their efforts and the direct relationship Cartwheel has generated with them. We’re stoked to be partnering with Cartwheel this month to bring you two delicious single origins from Colombia & Brazil.

We recommend whole bean as generally, whole beans will stay fresher for longer and give you the flexibility to grind your beans to suit different brewing methods.  

If you have an Espresso Machine, we recommend you grind your own coffee to suit your particular machine. However, we do offer a ground bean option for Espresso, and if you select this option we will do our best to get it right but there are no guarantees as it's a fine balance.

If you select ground coffee for Filter, beans will be ground medium which will be suitable for most at-home brewing methods e.g. Plunger, AeroPress, Chemex, Drippers etc.